I’m Esther, but most of my friends know me by my nickname, Evie.

I am 10 years old and have been home-schooled since I was about six.

My parents love travelling so I’m always going around the earth with them, but this year is my dad’s sabbatical so we’re travelling a lot, and right now we are in Singapore for three months! I love painting and taking pictures and writing a bit and I love interior design, but most of all, I LOVE to read!!  If I could, I would just sit down and read and read till I fall asleep with a book on my face! I wrote “The Missing Boys Of Booksington” and I am writing another book that will be out soon…

The Missing Boys of Booksington

Best friends Enid & Silvie dress up as boys and have many adventures in order to figure out who is taking all the boys in town, including Enid’s brother James…

This delightful adventure story is my first book and keeps you on your toes until the very end! A clever treat, perfect for early readers.

For every review I receive on Amazon, I’ll plant a tree 🌳

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